Tofani Cookery Vacation - Sorrento


The geniality and the passion for the gastronomy led the owner Sergio Tofani, at the end of 2012, to redesign the first floor spaces of the restaurant L’Abate, to create a polyhedral structure including a gourmet restaurant and a private dining room for Cookery School and exclusive events. Restaurant L’Abate is located near the Tasso Theatre famous for his Sorrento Musical Show. The first floor overlooks the central S.Antonino Square on the road to the port.


Tofani Cooking Vacation is  a memorable food and Italian way of life experience.

Cooking is part of Sergio Tofani DNA and after many years as owner of two restaurants “La Lanterna” and “L’Abate” he wants to transmit his passion and professionalism to his friends-clients.

The lessons will take place in the unique and well equipped kitchen on the first floor of the Gourmet Restaurant “L’Abate” overlooking the beautiful S. Antonino Square in the centre of town.

If you need accommodation you can choose to stay in the magnificence of Maison Tofani (or similar, depending on rooms availability), where you will be welcomed from the refinement and gentleness of Mrs. Maria.

The amusement is assured by a friendly and cheerful background. Having fun you will learn the tricks of the Italian way of cooking.

Our qualified chefs will guide you through wonderful hands-on cooking classes and will instruct how to prepare a full menu (three or four courses, depending on preparation).

Our sommeliers will explain the methods of producing wines and food pairing at Maison Tofani Wine Cellar, tasting different wines and cheese. You can also ask to visit the partner wineyard, olive grove and orchard in the rural surrounding area.

Once completed the lesson relax and sit down in our typical dining room and enjoy the full menu you just prepared.

A culinary vacation at Tofani Cookery School is the perfect Italian cookery vacation. Each cooking class gives the ability to cook like an Italian, following our special recipes, preparing courses and drinking good wines.